Transition IT Now Opportunities

Business Development & Sales Consultancy

TransitionITnow (TITN) is a business development and sales consultant, medical device representative, physician-marketing services agency and webinar/event/exhibit/conference producer. With extensive experience representing waveform–based alternative technology devices, TITN will facilitate sales and marketing initiatives to physicians in the U.S. and internationally. Our services include:

  • Business development plans

Medical Technology Practice Consulting

Physicians following the fast-growing developments in functional and integrative medicine are interested in using recent advances in technology to provide their patients with optimum diagnostic and therapeutic services. TITN provides aspiring medical practitioners with the strategic, financial and operational advisory they need to expand into early screening and recovery therapeutics — two major areas of demand from patients. We provide you with consulting to facilitate success by:

  • Managing your integrative startup

Business Communications & Creative Services

It takes extensive experience to sell physicians, wellness and medical clinics. TITN combines this capability with presence at medical events and development of successful sales strategies. TITN’s medically-experienced team can help with leads generation, sales support and marketing engagements via print and digital collateral, campaigns, exhibits, white papers, videos, social media, publishing, and presentations. TITN offers effective creative services such as design, copywriting and production of marketing programs to facilitate effective market penetration into various medical niches. Expand ability to produce physician referrals and build brand credibility through online consumer adoption and education campaigns. This stage of the strategic plan will extend consumer consciousness and adoption of the HUE LIGHT brand of health solutions.

Patient Marketing

Our medically savvy marketing team features website builders, database experts and online marketing leaders. As a result TITN is developing an important database of physicians currently in or interested in serving the brain health patient. To be launched in 2024, our nationwide network of qualified physicians will be listed in our online directory. Participating providers will use a secure management dashboard and be able to share individual information with their patients. The need for early screening of disease or injury is a mainstay of TITN marketing capabilities epitomized in our exclusive public messaging campaign: Screen for Your LifeTM — designed to convey the importance of non-invasive full-body and brain screenings.

Professional Education

We work with some of the leading physician voices in the country. Our consulting initiatives include various educational events for medical professionals. We hold online webinars, speaking engagements, and face-to-face instruction geared to expanding physician knowledge on the latest diagnostic and therapeutic applications.


Physicians should consult with TransitionITnow (TITN) to leverage their extensive expertise in business development, medical technology consulting, marketing, and professional education – enabling physicians to expand their practices, reach more patients, and stay at the forefront of integrative and functional medicine advancements.